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About us
CRIST Offshore

Looking into future CRIST decided to extend its scope of products beyond shipbuilding and focus more on offshore-related production. This is way in 2011, following the Memorandum of Understanding between CRIST and group of Norwegian construction companies signed in March 2011, CRIST Offshore Sp. z o. o. has been established as an offshore construction sub-organization within the CRIST Group. From that time CRIST Offshore has succesfuly delivered approx. 12.000 tons of offshore and subsea construction.

CRIST Offshore takes advantages of being part of CRIST Group. We have:

  • Professional core stuff,
  • Basis of one bay of Fabrication hall G-08 (approx. 2.700 m2) with 60 operators, keeping the cost on low level,
  • Experience to mobilize up to 350 fitters and welders to meet project’s needs,
  • Access to fabrication facilities according to projects needs,
  • Assembly area according to projects’ needs is separated from shipbuilding and nominated to offshore production only.
Crist group
200 employees
10 years on the market
4000 m2 of production hall