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Business ethics

We strive for our activities to be conducted in compliance with applicable law, irrespective of the country where we operate and we expect the same from our employees and business partners. Our contractors should be ready, at any moment, to present documents to support this. We want to satisfy the highest standards and therefore we treat the following principles as superior and we expect that our business partners also respect them.

  • Observation of human rights provided in international and national law.
  • Prohibition of discrimination.
  • Prohibition of forced, slavery or unpaid labor.
  • Prohibition of employment of minors, i.e. aged below 15.
  • Prohibition of mobbing, physical and psychical harassment of employees.
  • Provision of decent employment conditions ensuring fair remuneration, additional benefits under employment agreement and paid holiday entitlement.
  • Mandatory observation of standards regarding health and safety at work
  • Mandatory respect for legal provisions and regulations regarding competition law that prohibits free trade restrictions, exercise of unfair practices and abuse of one’s dominant position.
  • Absolute respect for the provisions of law regarding imports and exports


The complete set of ethical principles and norms existing in our organization can be found in the following document:

Business ethics