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CRIST Group of which CRIST S.A. and companies related with CRIST S.A. by capital (hereinafter also referred to as “CRIST Group”) as an organization operating in compliance with the philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility, definitely cares not only of observing provisions of law but also disseminates application of good practices aiming to sustainable development with respect to a broad circle of stakeholders. CRIST S.A. Group, in constructing its business strategies, is governed by the following values and expects their associates and contractors to respect them:

Honesty and Fairness:

  • We are absolutely fair towards ourselves and towards others;
  • We diligently fulfil all our obligations;
  • We treat everybody with respect and dignity;
  • We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination;
  • We do not hide any unfair conduct of others;
  • We do not tolerate fraud, corruption, abuse and openly inform on all such facts that have occurred;
  • We do not give nor accept any bribes or “tokens of gratitude”.
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